Advice: Moving into the new house


There’s so many tasks involved into moving into a new house – all of which get compounded by our desire “that this time we can get it perfect” – fresh start, fresh me”. Continue reading “Advice: Moving into the new house”


Essay: It’s who you meet at a party

It’s who you meet at a party that determines if it’s a “great party” or a waste of time.

I want to know at least one person there – that way I can be confident, Continue reading “Essay: It’s who you meet at a party”


Originally published in Statesman Journal Jan 11, 2014

While involved in Brush Creek Playhouse near Silverton, I had the pleasure of getting to know a local playwright, Michael Townsend Smith, and acting in one of his original plays, “Summer Lightning.” A shaper and veteran of Off-Off-Broadway theater Continue reading “MICHAEL TOWNSEND SMITH —TALENT SETTLES IN SILVERTON”