Who? Me?

I identify myself most often as a Pacific Northwest Poet but have publically branched out to free-lance writing.  I live in Oregon & claim to be descended from the Faire Folk and the Shire. Yes, I am petite!

I am interested in social justice, environmental issues, local community, global awareness and most subjects “human”. My hobbies include knife-throwing, film, reading, acting, Sci-Fi, and poetry. And I spend my time creating acylics, watercolors, zentangles and digital photography. In the past I have been a nurse, market researcher, videographer, computer salesperson, and government worker.

I have been writing since 1977, primarily in poetry.  But I have writen stories, essays and articles over the years.

Ariel pacific NW Poet
pacific NW Poet

I have been steadily collecting my credentials over the years.

Member of :

  • Willamette Writers
  • Mid-Willamette  Poetry Society
  • Oregon Poets Association
  • Poetry Writing Collective
  • Scribe
  • Silverton Poetry Association
  • Countless FaceBook writing Groups including “Poet” (founder – grown to 1247 global members

Ariel Red

I do have a few fantasy novels in process right now – I am not sure if they will be marketed under “Ariel” (many online venues require TWO names, not one), under my legal moniker, or if another name would be most appropriate (perhaps one reflecting my celtic roots or honoring an ancestor). And I am formatting my “Chasing Tiger” chapbook.


Some Publishing:

To contact me:

I am available for website content, editing, free-lance writing, ghost-writing, etc.

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook & (under my legal name) on LinkedIn


Ummm, what else? Is there anything else you want to know about me?